2920 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Socks Required
at all times
☎ Call us: (510) 845-9787
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9a - 6p
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 6p  (Some)
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 5p  (Some)
Check Our Schedule or Call First on Weekends for Possible Early Closures
Everyone must wear socks at all times. Kids can only wear approved trampoline grip socks for safety. This is mandatory.



Kids Gym Berkeley: Where Parents Have Just As Much Fun As the Children!

If I could give this business a 20, I would! This gym geared specifically for children with disABILITIES, is by far one of the greatest needs in our area for this underserved spectrum of children with special needs. The facility is run by exceptionally trained and compassionate staff who ensure your time there is top notch. The facility is perfectly laid out with the most safe and high end equipment out there. The director and owner clearly put her heart, soul and vast experience into this endeavor when creating this amazing space for our children. My child did not want to leave and this mama didn't either. It is a treasure!—Gisella, via Facebook 

We love love love this place! The staff are friendly and very helpful. They always kept the place clean and neat if the kids aren't playing in the area. I have 3 kids age ranging from 10, 3 & 1. There's always something for everyone to be engaged in.—Sokounthea K., via Facebook 

My kids are constantly asking to go to the Kids Gym! My daughter is pretty small and in most situations I think someone is going to run her over but she doesn't here. She loves the zip line the most and the ability to play for hours in a space we feel safe in.—Maceo, via Facebook 


I really love the idea of this place. I have a child with special needs and the little touches make this place really special such as the quiet room when your child needs to decompress. It's great for ALL kids.

It is geared for younger kids. My son was 7 when we went earlier this year and he's outgrown most of it but he still had a great time. 

I think what I like the most are the parents and staff. Parents of special needs kids really need a place where their kid can be free to be themselves. My son was throwing small basketballs from far away. I was really concerned about parents getting mad since it could potentially ricochet towards another kid. The staff and parents were actually encouraging and cheering when my son made a basket and catching the balls and passing it back to him. It was a little emotional for me to witness.—Viyada S., via Yelp 

I wish I knew about this place before. I brought my son and friend here so I could do some work. They facility and staff is amazing. The facility has everything for active kids to kids who just needs some quiet. They even have a kitchen area and quiet area. Very clean facility. The staff is there to help you. I love this place! My son loved it! When he needed some quiet they opened another room for us. He enjoyed the trampoline room, reading room (where he took out the books from the shelf), Lego and train room, and loved crawling everywhere. The quiet room was convenient to change him and feed him. I just love the staff. The price is awesome. I love the in and out privileges, too. My husband works down the street so we will be back!—Crissy G., via Yelp 
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