2920 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Socks Required
at all times
☎ Call us: (510) 845-9787
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9a - 6p
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 6p  (Some)
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 5p  (Some)
Check Our Schedule or Call First on Weekends for Possible Early Closures
Everyone must wear socks at all times. Kids can only wear approved trampoline grip socks for safety. This is mandatory.

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Come on for Open Play from 9am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday.  Remember to book your Birthday Party as soon as you can, time slots are getting booked pretty fast!
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Come in for Open Gym where it is cool. It is going to be a hot weekend, play where it is nice and cool with the AC on.

Piera Willner SLP our resident Speech Pathologist will be facilitating a parent class on Sunday, October 9 from 5:00-6:30 PM in our Conference Room. The topic is: Alternatives to "Use your words." Cost is $25 per person or $40 for two parents or caregivers from the same family. RSVP by emailing:

Topic: Alternatives to “Use your words”

What if “use your words” does not work with my child? How can I help my child communicate more effectively when managing frustration? Let’s discuss when this strategy works and other ways to help your children develop language skills for moments of intense emotion.

By lemaster 22 Sep, 2016
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