2920 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Socks Required
at all times
☎ Call us: (510) 845-9787
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9a - 6p
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 6p  (Some)
SATURDAY/SUNDAY: 9a - 5p  (Some)
Check Our Schedule or Call First on Weekends for Possible Early Closures
Everyone must wear socks at all times. Kids can only wear approved trampoline grip socks for safety. This is mandatory.



Birthday Parties & Private Playdates

At Kids Gym Berkeley, we host birthday parties for children up to 11 years old. We’re the perfect place to host your son’s or daughter’s birthday as we have so much to offer. We’ll keep your child and his or her friends entertained and having fun from the moment they walk in the door. Watch them swing, jump, dance, climb, and more. Your child’s party will be one for the books and one he or she won’t ever forget – we’re sure of it!

We’re also a great place to plan a private playdate with just you and your son/daughter or with your friend and his/her child. This allows you to play and interact with your child on a closer level. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call. Kids must wear only approved trampoline socks for health & safety reasons which can be purchased at the front desk.  Adults must wear socks for health & safety reasons, also available at the front desk for purchase. Food for parties must stay in the designated party room, party hosts may not take over the kitchen reserved for the public.


Please call for rates or to book your child’s birthday party or private playdate today!
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